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Veritacom is committed to respecting user privacy. For this reason, Veritacom has adopted the legally required levels of protection of personal data, based on Royal Decree 1720/2007, which approves the Regulations for the development of Organic Law 15/1999 on the protection of personal data. In the same way, it tries to use all the additional technical means of protection that are within its reach. As a general rule, to contact Veritacom, personal data will be required through a form.

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With this privacy statement, Veritacom sets out its policy on the use of the information you have provided: Veritacom only collects personal information to the extent necessary to achieve a specific purpose. The information will not be used again for a purpose incompatible with the one described. Veritacom will only disclose the information to third parties if it is necessary for the fulfillment of the aforementioned purpose and only to the persons (or categories of persons) mentioned.

As an object of the information, you also have the right to oppose the processing of your personal data for legitimate reasons, except when the data is collected to comply with a legal obligation or is necessary for the performance of a contract to which you are a party or must used for a purpose for which you have given your unequivocal consent.

Veritacom only saves the data for the time necessary to fulfill the purpose of its collection or further processing. Veritacom has adopted the security levels for the protection of personal data legally required, and has installed all the means and technical measures at its disposal to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of personal data provided to Veritacom. The company will inform you of this, upon written request, signed by the petitioner, and sent to C/Tellerigaina, 27 Lasarte-Oria (20160) Gipuzkoa.

Who to contact if you have questions or complaints. You can contact the Webmaster of the website, by non-anonymous email, at soporte@veritacom.com

The family of Internet sites, in the domain veritacom.com, offers links to third party sites. Since no control is exercised over these links, we suggest that you carefully read their privacy practices. Rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition. Users are recognized and may exercise the rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition, as well as the right to be informed of assignments made by contacting Veritacom via email soporte@veritacom.com or in writing at the address : Veritacom. C/Tellerigaina, 27 Lasarte-Oria (20160) Gipuzkoa.

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For legal reasons, Veritacom may and must provide as much information as is required to the competent authorities in accordance with Spanish law in the event of the pertinent judicial order, which is only given when a judge has a firm suspicion that the user has carried out activities illegal. Under this assumption, and with the intention of collaborating with justice, Veritacom can record and subsequently provide to the police, upon presentation of the legally necessary court order, information regarding the IP address that identifies the user’s connection, as well as the exact time of the same, usernames and passwords, among other information. In any case, IP addresses and connection times are recorded only in those services for which it is suspected that a user may make illegal use of them.