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Sectorial projects

At Veritacom we understand sectorial projects as those that aim to cover a specific need for a specific sector or activity.

There is a multitude of Software on the market that has already been designed for certain functions and in our opinion it is often better to adapt to it than to create a custom one.

However, sometimes we find ourselves in the need to face a project whose solution does not exist in the market.

It is in this situation where Veritacom can cover a specific need, with the development of an Ad Hoc solution for a specific sector or activity.

Our skills

Our staff is specialized in the development of Software in Web environments, with extensive knowledge in various programming languages such as PHP, .NET, JavaScript, HTML, etc. We also complement all this with databases.

We make APIs either in JSON or XML format to be consumed by third parties, or by the tools that your company already has, such as ERP, CRM or others.

In this way we can undertake development projects that cover most market needs.


If your company needs to have specific software for a sector or activity, explain your needs to us. At Veritacom we will carry out a feasibility study and propose a solution.

Sometimes these projects are carried out specifically for your company or sector and in others we get involved in the commercialization of the solution as technological partners.

In all cases, our solutions are based on Web environments since in this way the marketing potential for both parties increases.

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