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Product development

If you are a manufacturer of industrial machinery, it is likely that you are considering equipping your products with an intelligent system for reading and processing information, or in other words, updating it to Industry 4.0.

This will imply having specialized personnel on its staff in various disciplines such as PLC and/or RTU integration, SCADA systems, etc. This among many other things will make your industrial machinery adapt to the needs of your customers and/or requirements.

However, it is not always interesting for your company to have this highly specialized staff in its own workforce. All this requires not only investment in internal personnel, but also in their training over time.

It is increasingly common to subcontract this type of knowledge to third-party companies, which are capable of working with their internal design and manufacturing team.

Your best technology partner

When your company supplies your products, they may require an integration of IT / OT systems, if so, your machinery will have to be prepared for the different scenarios that your client is going to raise.

At Veritacom we work on the possible scenarios in which your company may find itself, designing and implementing the PLC technology, sensors, RTU’s and SCADA solutions that your project needs. In addition, we go hand in hand with your staff and we carry out both the integration of your machinery in Industry 4.0 and the maintenance of the system.

Veritacom is that technological partner that your company may need, to make your product compatible with Industry 4.0 and thus gain competitiveness.

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